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A new era of design

As society continues to evolve at incredible speeds, Ideal Standard is building on this unique heritage, challenging itself and its designers to once again imagine what’s next. To take technological innovations and design to the next level. We are at the start of an exciting journey. Simplicity begins in tradition – and ends in innovation. Ideal Standard is so much more than one of the world’s leading manufacturers of bathroom products and solutions. We see ourselves as part of the community of architects and designers in the process of creation. In shaping the evolution of modern life. For over 100 years, we’ve followed a mission of Innovation and Design.We lead innovation with new shapes, new materials, colours and function, all with the needs of our customers in mind. And throughout our history we’ve cooperated with the leading designers of their era.Master Designers that have the unique ability to capture the essence of the time and translate that into designs that accompany and shape the evolution of society.This essence of design is what we want to capture again.

Torsten Türling, CEO of Ideal Standard Group

In the 1970s, Ideal Standard teamed up with Italian Master Designer, Achille Castiglioni, to create what was then known as the breakthrough architectural design in the bathroom area - and propelled the bathroom from a functional space into a living space the way we know it today. When done right, a well-designed project completely transcends it’s function and becomes timeless. Some of Ideal Standard’s designs, created by Italian icons such as Ponti and Castiglioni are perfect testimonies of this principle. I am honored to follow in the footsteps of these Italian Masters and support Ideal Standard’s continued journey to design and develop innovations that will once again redefine not only bathroom design, but design in general.”

Roberto Palomba, Chief Design Officer of Ideal Standard Group

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