MEG Product Catalogue 2023

Shaping the future of modern living, together. We at Ideal Standard have been making life better for customers for over 100 years, but never before has this approach felt more vital or more welcomed. In the aftermath of global turbulence, improving quality of life through pushing the boundaries of modern living is a mission we’re proud to call our own. We align carefully considered bathroom design, functional perfection, and creative vision. Together with architects, designers, urban planners, and research partners, we provide meaningful solutions for the complete bathroom-solutions that work in harmony to meet challenges, and elevate residential and non residential spaces. We’ve always believed in ‘together for better’, working closely with customers and partners to inspire a feeling of satisfaction that lasts. We continue to shape the todays and the tomorrows of modern living, creating solutions that inspire delight and make life better, into the future and beyond.

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