MEG Product Catalogue 2023

RimLS+ ®

With every flush, RimLS+® delivers a powerful whole-bowl clean with no place for bacteria to hide. Splash-free and easier to clean, RimLS+® is the go-to solution for busy bathrooms. 88% of households would buy an Ideal Standard Rimless+ toilet. A toilet with excellent hygiene performance.*

Engineered for hygiene.

*Result of a user survey commissioned by Ideal Standard and conducted by the institutes TCV-/isi-GmbH [n = 1,000 households with residential property – Germany n=500; Italy n=500], based on the outcome of external test conducted by X-Tech srl for Ideal Standard measuring hygienic parameters of the toilet flush [unwashed toilet area, number of water splashes]. Scientific Supervision of User Survey: Prof. Dr. Andreas Scharf, University of Applied Sciences Nordhausen


Product Catalogue 2023

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