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Ceramic sanitary ware

Materials The Vidima ceramic sanitary ware is made of vitreous china , a material offering uncompromising resistance to acids and other active chemical agents. The material’s low level of water permeability of less than 0.5% prevents water absorption and bacteria growth which lead to material decay. Every piece is glazed which additionally protects the product and makes the white or coloured surface shiny and guarantees its lifetime durability. The chemical composition of the materials and the technology of processing are unique and are know-how of a global company with over 100 years of manufacturing experience. This is the reason why our products are preferred worldwide.

Water saving Toilet cisterns have a capacity of 6 L or 4.5 L and water flush volume control. The construction provides high speed flush and very good pan cleaning. The dual flush system is another intelligent solution. All WC suites are equipped with such a system. The dual flush system guarantees that no additional water is wasted by choosing the long or shor t flush according to the needs which is an effective way of saving water.

Space saving Very often the space available is decisive for the choice of products. Some of the WC suites we offer are characterized with shor t projection and are extremely suitable for spaces where every inch matters. Those products are marked with the respective icon.

Special care Some products are design in a way that can be used by people with wheelchairs and lower physical capability. They are marked with a special icons.

Low noise level The toilet cisterns are equipped with a quiet water filling and flushing mechanism. This flush system is distinguished by low level of noise which is very impor tant for hotel bathrooms.

Soft closing seat Most of the collections of WC suites are equipped with an antibacterial seat of duroplast with a soft closing system which provides utmost comfor t.

Easy hygiene Our products are easy to clean. The streamline design of the surfaces and the completely smooth finish guarantee the perfect cleaning. The surface treatment system groups the water droplets which flow down naturally carrying out the grime without leaving stains after drying out. Bathroom sanitation can be extremely easy with the semi-pedestal basins, and the wall mounted WC units and bidets.


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