Vidima Catalogue 2024

Sanitary fittings plant The sanitary fittings plant of “Ideal Standard – Vidima” Company produces bath and kitchen mixers and shower kits. More than 1600 employees work in it. The manufacturing facilities occupy 54 thousand sq.m. out of the total area of 127 thousand sq.m. and are situated within two manufacturing sites: in the town of Sevlievo and in Gardnitsa – a nearby village. The total capacity of the plants is 6 million products per year, which figures rank the company amongst the largest manufacturers of mixers in the world. The sanitary fittings plant has had an 85-years history and it has had a good experience in the production of mixers. The mixers of Ideal Standard – Vidima Company are distributed in Europe, Asia and Africa under the brands Ideal Standard, Jado, Vidima, Armitage Shanks, Porcher, Dolomite.

Sanitary ceramics plant The sanitary ceramics plant of “Ideal Standard – Vidima” Company produces bath products from vitreous china material: washbasins, close coupled toilets, bidets, shower trays and some other items. More than 1500 employees work in it. The sanitary ceramics plant was built on “green lawn” for a record-breaking eleven-month period in 1997. Manufacturing facilities occupy 64.7 thousand sq.m. out of total area of 97 thousand sq.m. The plant for sanitary ceramics is the largest and most advanced one in Ideal Standard International Company. With annual capacity of 3 million products, it ranks amongst the largest in Europe. The products are distributed in Europe under the brands Ideal Standard, Vidima, Porcher, Armitage Shanks.


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